Thursday, 5 November 2015

Second year Life


Okay, tajuk entry memang skema sangat, I need to admit, takde idea dah nak pilih tajuk ape =.=" <-- always my biggest concern bila nak post entry, huhu 

Finally! Dapat jugak post entry baru, after more than 1 year. Okay, awkward sikit nak taip, and stiff. haha What can I say about my current life is just: simply superb! Haha super la sangat aisya *sambil knock my head

cc: thanks pia :)

I started my second year about 2 months ago, and currently I'm enjoying my mid sem holidays. Yuhuuu *throwing confetti Rasa every students will be saying this: banyak betul presentations this sem, plus assignment, report, clinic, n bla bla. It's too mainstream for me, so I'll skip that part.
One thing that I realised bila I started my second year is, I begin to have a real and better ideas on how I'm going to work in future, what this profession really means. I learn lots of new things here, mostly on how to engage and deal with people with different backgrounds and age. 

Plus, I forgot to mention, I join SISPA, stands for Siswa Siswi Pertahanan Awam. It's one of the best experience that I ever had. Aisya belajar banyak benda dari sini. Jurulatih pun sporting.  We learnt cara melawan kebakaran, ascending and descending, masakan kecemasan, cara baca peta and kompas and banyak lagi. InsyaAllah third year nanti dah boleh tauliah with *ehem title Leftenan Muda (PA) Siti Aisyah binti Ahmad. Hehe didn't mean to brag anyway, peace :) anyway, the title going to come with bigger responsibility.

Lastly, nak jugak story pasal my princess ni. My dearie Qaisara Nabila going to turn 3 next year. How fast the time flies kan. Kepoh makcik sorang ni sekarang, dialah bahan experiment akak bila akak balik rumah. Adik sorang ni LA penghilang stress akak. Bila aisya demam, she will put her hand on my forehead and terus lari kat dapur sambil jerit "makk, akak demam!". Same goes when I had my terrible gastric pain. She will pat my back, feed me, suapkn ubat. Acah-acah jadi nurse adik akak ni. Dialah punca utama akak homesick :')

Thank you Allah for this opportunity. For granting me these beautiful people in my life. Hope our relationship lasts till jannah. Amin :)

P/s: kalau boleh memang rasa nak compress everything in one post, cause i don't know when will be my next post, entah-entah after grad ke, opps! Haha

*hugs and kisses
Thanks for reading