Wednesday, 13 August 2014

DEGREE: Audiology in UKM


Seperti yang semua tahu, on 12th August ni result upu utk lepasan STPM/setaraf keluar. So, no exception for me. Sempat tido lima jam je malam tadi, sebab dupdap punya pasal. neves sangat! Takut tak dapat kos yang dimintak.

Actually, on Mei haritu aisya ada pegi UKM for interview on course dentistry. Tapi nak buat macam mane, tkde rezeki:( but i think, the main reason i fail on the interview is, the ujian kemahiran or entah apape lah namanya tu

On the test, they provide us with pencil, ruler, wire, n pelbagai jenis playar. Ade jenis playar yang memang tak pernah ku jumpa seumur hidup ni -,-" and they gave instructions(ofc in english) asking us to do this and that. And i was dumbdounded. Tergaru-garu kepala. Wayar tu dah la keras giler, habis tercucuk-cucuk tangan haku. Merah-merah lagi. Nasib baik nurse tu baik. They gave me hints, about which playar I should use n so on. Main hentam aje la, tapi memang macam ular kena palu wire aisya tu. Maluuu kat nurse yang tolong soletepkan tu. Hehe but the chinese girl yang duduk depan aisya, memang wow wire dia. Kemas je. Siap kena puji lagi dengan nurse. Takpe la, hamba sedor diri ni, memang fail bab kerja-kerja tangan ni.

Actually ujian tu untuk menguji kemahiran tangan kita, untuk pasang braces, buat gigi palsu n so on. So, memang bukan rezeki latu. Bila panel tanya, "berapa bintang yang awak nak bagi untuk hasil kerja awak ni?" i just burst into laughter. And i just being frank by saying "2 bintang?"

Haha even tak dapat, it will be one of my unforgettable memory. My interview momory. Haha But that day, i really had fun. Not becoz of the interview, obviously, but bcoz im staying over at my sis place in IIUM Gombak. Ya Allah, sangat cantik and besar! Lagi-lagi masjid dia. Masjid Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah. Subhanallah, lawa sangat! Tapi sayanggg, tak sempat nak snap2. Nak pusing2 UIA punya pasal, aisya siap merayu kat abah, mintak nak sleep over for one more night kat hostel kakak. Yup! I slept in her compartment/hostel/mahallah or whatever u call it. Diseludup masuk, sorry. Hehe still, its a wonderful experience.
Masjid Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah cantik kan?

So, back to the real topic now. Jauh sangat melalut ni, dari ukm boleh pulak bercerita sampai uiam. Haihh.

So,my first reaction bila tengok UKM, i said YAY! and Alhamdulillah sangat! But bila baca terus ke bawah and I saw: Audiology. I was like, apa?! Adoii, ape pulak tuu? Check balik print out permohonan haritu, audiologi in UKM is my second choice. Nampak tak permainannya di situ, main mohon aje -,-" But actually, aisya bukan main mohon pun. I applied it carefully n thoroughly. I applied for audiolgy pun sebab waktu kat matrik dulu ada talk pasal university. And the representative for USM ada cakap yang course yang paling jarang student apply is audiology and speech pathology. Tapi Malaysia mermerlukan ramai audiologist di hospital-hospital. So aisya pun terfikir, why don't I give it a try? Cuma ada 3 universiti je yang tawarkan course ni, that is: UKM,USM and UIAM. Apelagi, terus tanya encik Google. Here's some of the info about the course:

Audiologists, identify hearing and balance disorders, provide rehabilitative services, assess amplification devices and instruct patients in their care, prepare future professionals in colleges and universities, and serve as consultants to government and industry on issues concerning environmental, and noise-induced hearing loss.
A Doctor of Audiology (e.g. AuD) is an independent professional who specializes in diagnosing, managing, and treating hearing- and balance-related disorders. Audiologists treat patients from birth through adulthood.
In providing hearing care, audiologists:
  • Diagnose and treat hearing problems, including balance function and disorders.
  • Treat most hearing impairments through modern hearing technology, including programmable and digital hearing aids and other hearing assistive technology systems.
  • Program cochlear implants and serve on multidisciplinary cochlear implant teams.
  • Develop and implement prevention, screening and early detection programs.
  • Recommend hearing protection in industrial, military, travel, music, and other settings.
  • Provide treatment services to enable individuals to communicate effectively.
Audiology is closely connected to the field of speech-language pathology (SLP). Some audiologists also become certified speech-language pathologists, but each profession is a distinct career in its own right.

In other word audiologist ni macam pakar pendengaran and balancing. Cer ingat balik time belajar sains dulu, telinga kita memang ada kena mengena dengan balancing kita. Time cari kat internet tu memang tak banyak pasal audiologist. Rupa-rupanya course ni memang jarang orang pilih. Sebabnya tu aisya tak pasti. But for sure, currently Malaysia memang kekurangan audiologist.

"Mula diwujudkan dalam Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia pada tahun 2001 , Berkelulusan Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Kepujian) Audiologi. Bermula di UKM (1996), UIA (2005) dan USM (2006)
Kini terdapat 90 orang audiologist di seluruh Malaysia:
56 - di hospital kerajaan
6 – di hospital swasta
20 – di Universiti
4 – di kedai alat bantu pendengaran
2 – membuka pusat pendengaran"
taken from here on 'August 2008
So, I made my mind and think positively. Insya Allah, mungkin aisya bole bawa course ni, thats why Allah pilih aisya untuk course ni. Audiology ni under Sains Kesihatan so most probably kampus nanti kat Jalan Raja Muda Aziz,Kuala Lumpur the same place I had my interview :') harap-harap everything is going well. aminn.
Insya Allah kalau takde aral melintang, 1 September ni dah boleh register. adoii, From all months, why it must be September! looks like im going to spent my birthday alone:(( takknakkkk!

UKM, wait for me yaa;)
P/S: dear seniors, please look after this junior ya, I'll behave well:) (sambilbuatnaughtyfacehaha)

*hugs n kisses
Thanks for reading<3


  1. Tahniah. InshaAllah ada hikmah awak dpt course tu. :)

  2. tahniah...insya Allah...bila dpt peluang jgn sesiakan...

  3. tahniah... mungkin nie yg terbaik utk kamu.. teruskan.. chaiyok2.. :)

  4. Aisya!! Nnti bleh jumpe! Nnti turunla serdang g jenjalan kat the mines takpun g mid... Hahaha.. Congrats!! Kalau sakit telinga, bleh jumpe aisya...hahaha

    1. Amaa! okayy je, ama pun mai la kl, kte gi TS lgi hehe nnti aisya nak diet ty aisya call ama k! Hahaha btw, aisya dah email video tu, soryy it tooks longer than expected;)

    2. Okeyhh... Da dpt da.. Tq!! Haha

  5. wuish dapat degree . tahniah . belajar rajin2 yer hehe . dapatkan first class. :D

  6. akak course audiology kena ada interview jugak ke?

  7. salam sis, mcm mana course tu? btw nk tanya cgpa akak dulu brapa ye? pls reply tq!

    1. Wsalam Amira. Audiology ni 4 years degree, and in Ukm course ni under rehab sciences, which means we're going to work closely with Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy. In real working world, audiologist akan work more closely with ENT and paediatrician.
      Dalam course ni akan belajar cara buat hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting utk patient, balancing etc. Audiologists kat Malaysia memang agak rare and baru, hearing screening utk newborn pun baru established around 2015 kat gov hospital-if I'm not mistaken, beza dgn negara luar. But byk private hospital dah ambil initiative utk ambil audiologist. One more thing, audiology is different with medic.

      CGPA Akak time matrik dulu 3.89. Anyway, kalau ada soalan lagi, adik boleh contact akak via fb. Hope this helps!

  8. Salam,nk tanya how your life studied audiology?and i want to ask about the job prospect in audiology?is it demand for our country?hope you reply.thank u😊

    1. Wsalam Syazana. Sorry for the late reply.
      For your first question, I think it all depends on your interest. I started off with 0 interest for this course, but later on when you know your job scope well, and what you can do to help ppl in need, insya Allah lama-lama minat tu akan datang. *it works for me :)
      And as I mentioned before, audiology is a 4 years program, which include 2 years of studying theories and 2 years practical as student clinician. And for what I can say from my life as a students is; its hectic. And its happening for all courses though;)

      Job prospect for audiologist are conducting hearing assessments, hearing aid fitting, counseling session, newborn hearing screening, etc. For your second question, from what I can see is, it is not highly demand in our country, yet. But Im not really sure with private sector.

  9. Assalammualaikum akak saya nak tanya..Interview dia macammana eh? Boleh tak ceritakan sikit pengalaman akak time interview tu??At least boleh tolong saya dapatkan gambaran tentang interview tu..hehe thnk you!

    1. Waalaikumsalam dik. Pasal interview tu akak mmg tak tahu mcm mana, sorry. Sebab time batch akak dulu xde lagi interview untuk course ni,, anyway, good luck! 😀

    2. ya allah awak kita dpt iv yg sama !!! please do contact me kt fb Fatihah ubaidah. hope to see you this 28th :)

  10. Saya lepasan spm 2016. Pastu kalau nak amik audiologi ni dalam upu kan ade UIAM je. Kalau nak amik asasi kena amik asasi ape ye untuk bidang ni?

  11. Salam akak. Boleh tak di entry akak yg selanjutnya akak cerita detail lgi pasal course ni? I mean like, ape contoh tajuk2 subjek yang akan dipelajari so that dapat imagine cane subjek2 dia tu. Thank you kak. Btw saya dapat iv utk course ni :)

    1. Waalaikumsalam. Sorry dik, I don't think there's going to be another entry. Haha Anyway, akak try jawab mana yg mampu. Some of the topics/subjects are; anatomy & physiology, neurology for science rehab, hearing assessments, vestibular assessments, etc. For further queries, you may pm me via FB. Do check out this blog, hope this helps:)